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Creative Writing alumna shares good news

Posted by bgsuenglish on August 22, 2014

Qiana TFormer BGSU MFA Qiana Towns, now an Assistant Professor in English and Communications at Michigan’s Davenport University, recently shared her good news:

[H]er poem “Social Regard”  [was] selected for the 2014 Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Prize. The prize was established by the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet of the same name and is presented to an individual in recognition of excellent writing. Towns’s poem was presented at the 2014  Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature conference, and she will receive her award at the May 2015 conference. She will be honored along with Philip Levine who is a Pulitzer Prize winner and Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress. Her poem will also appear in the 2014 issue of MidAmerica, a peer-reviewed annual journal.

You can read another of Qiana’s poems, “Big Blank Page for Marine Life” here. Congratulations Qiana, from everyone here in Bowling Green!


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Carolyn Forché wins Academy of American Poets Fellowship

Posted by bgsuenglish on September 25, 2013

cforche“For her steady gaze into the abyss and for her crafted house of awakened human heavens where she calls us to live, we celebrate and recognize Carolyn Forché and her heroic career: gathering word-by-word embers … to face and save lives. Before they are disappeared.”

With these words, Juan Felipe Herrera, chancellor of the Academy of American Poets, announced the award of the Academy’s prestigious Fellowship to notable BGSU Creative Writing alum Carolyn Forché (MFA ’75). You can read more at the link.

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BFA alum Monica McFawn wins the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction

Posted by bgsuenglish on September 6, 2013

Flannery30_Logo2013 is shaping up to be quite the banner year for the Creative Writing program. First it was Tessa Mellas, a 2005 alumna of  our MFA program, winning the prestigious Iowa Short Fiction Award. Now Monica McFawn (BFA, ’01) has  been announced as one of two recipients of the 2013 Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction!

These two literary awards are among the most coveted in the country—and, for two writers with BGSU Creative Writing degrees to win them in the same year is a notable achievement, and one of which we are justifiably proud. Well done Tessa and Monica!

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MFA alumna Jade Ramsey makes fifty best list.

Posted by bgsuenglish on September 3, 2013

Congratulations to Jade Ramsey (MFA ’11) for her inclusion in the Best New Poets list of the fifty best new poets of 2013Best New Poets is “an annual anthology of 50 poems from emerging writers. Each year, a guest editor selects 50 poems from nominations made by literary magazines and writing programs, as well as an Open Internet Competition.”

Congrats again, Jade!

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Creative Writing alum wins Iowa Short Fiction Award

Posted by bgsuenglish on March 11, 2013

Tessa-Mellas Tessa Mellas (Creative Writing MFA, ’05), has won the prestigious Iowa Short Fiction Award.  Tessa worked for GSW as an instructor for three years and then went on to a doctoral program at the University of Cincinnati.  Her book, Lungs Full of Noise will appear in the fall of this year.

In announcing the award, the editors of the University of Iowa Press write:

In the thirteen stories of Lungs Full of Noise, Mellas explores a femininity that is magical, raw, and grotesque. Aghast at the failings of their bodies, this cast of misfit women and girls set out to remedy the misdirections of their lives in bold and reckless ways. Figure skaters screw skate blades into the bones of their feet to master elusive jumps. A divorcée steals the severed arm of her ex to reclaim the fragments of a dissolved marriage. But it is not only the characters who are in crisis; personal disasters mirror the dissolution of the natural world. The sky erupts with feathers as all the birds in a city crash into glass towers. In another story, all the color has drained from the sky and grandmothers believe the whiteness will blind everyone. Orringer says, “Mellas is a visionary, possessed of the ability to take us to worlds we’ve never imagined but that reveal our all-too-familiar hopes, fears, and vulnerabilities. Her stories are lyrical, laced with exquisite detail and image. They show their intelligence not only through their originality but also, and perhaps more importantly, through their sense of humor. Our children may baffle us, bodies may deceive us, our friends may confound us, but at least, these stories suggest, we are not alone. Tessa Mellas has made our human community richer with this deeply original and unforgettable book.”

Congratulations Tessa!

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Mid-American Review’s 2012 Fineline Competition for Prose Poems, Short Shorts, and Anything In Between!

Posted by bgsuenglish on August 20, 2012

More news from outgoing Mid-American Review editor Mike Czyzniejewski (now teaching at Missouri State University).

Congratulations to Diane Seuss of Kalamazoo, Michigan, for being selected as first-prize winner in Mid-American Review‘s 2012 Fineline Competition for Prose Poems, Short Shorts, and Anything In Between! Judge Amelia Gray selected Seuss’ piece “I emptied my little wishing well of its emptiness” out of nearly 1,000 entries. The work will appear in MAR’s forthcoming fall issue, coming soon!

Congratulations Diane (and Mike)!

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Stephannie Gearhart, BGSU Master Teacher, brings Shakespeare to life for wary students

Posted by bgsuenglish on April 3, 2012

Our very own Dr. Stephannie Gearhart, Assistant Professor of English, has been awarded the 2012 Master Teacher Award!


Here is BGSU’s press release announcing the honor:

A faculty member with an infectious passion for British literature has been chosen by the students as the 2012 Master Teacher. Dr. Stephannie Gearhart, an assistant professor of English, has taught at Bowling Green State University for six years, sharing her love of Shakespeare and inspiring students to tackle difficult texts to find the meaning within.

Along with the admiration of her many students, Gearhart received a $1,000 check, presented by the Student Alumni Connection at the Faculty Recognition Reception March 29. The Master Teacher is the highest teaching award given by the University because students select the recipient.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-saturated environment, it might come as a surprise that students would choose a professor whose work is so firmly rooted in the past, but Gearhart bridges the divide of time and takes her students with her.

“Stephannie is one of the most caring and knowledgeable teachers I have ever met,” wrote nominator Kala Zink. “She loves the subject she teaches and is so passionate about what she’s learning that she shows that through her teaching. There is never a dull moment or boring subject when Stephannie is teaching. She also loves to teach — you can see that by just sitting in one small section of class. I loved going to her class.”

Making Shakespeare come alive seems to be her specialty. Wrote nominator Maggie Long, “She is a dedicated educator who tries her best to make sure her students are engaged in the material and understand the real world applicability of what many students find to be a dense and boring subject.”

“Stephannie is an amazing professor and deserves this more than anyone I know,” Zink said.

In her own research, Gearhart is especially interested in age relations in early modern English literature and culture and is at work on a book about drama and generational conflicts in Shakespeare’s England.

Gearhart received her bachelor’s degree from BGSU and her master’s and doctorate from Lehigh University, all in English.

Congratulations Stephannie!

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MAR announces 2010-2011 literary competition winners

Posted by bgsuenglish on April 15, 2011

The Editors of Mid-American Review have announced the winners of their 2010-2011 literary competitions.

Katie Umans of Dover, New Hampshire, is this year’s winner of the James Wright Poetry Award for her poem “Forecast.” In addition to “Forecast,” Umans’ “The Body Near Paintings” will be published as an Editor’s Choice. The contest was adjucated by Rachel Zucker, whose most recent books are Home Birth: A Poemic (co-written with Arielle Greenberg, 2011) and Museum of Accidents (Wave Books 2009).

Three additional authors and their works were also recognised: Michele Battiste, “In the House”; Lauren Jensen, “It’s hard as so much is”; and Melanie McCabe, “Beneath the Code.”

Lydia Fitzpatrick of Madison, Wsconsin, was announced as this year’s winner of the Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award for her story “Flood Lines.” The judge for this year’s contest was Benjamin Percy, whose forthcoming novel Red Moon (Grand Central/Hachette 2012) is also being adapted for film by the Gotham Group. Four additional authors and their works were also recognised and submitted to the judge as finalists: Shannon Robinson, “All Her Martyr’d Signs”; Lones Seiber, “Goodbye, God; I’m Going to California”; Heather A. Slomski, “Iris and the Inevitable Sorrow or The Knock at the Door”; and Kayla Soyer-Stein, “I Like Pickup Trucks.”

All winners and editors’ choices will be published in MAR‘s forthcoming spring issue, due out in early June. Each winner will also receive $1,000.

The Editors would like to thank everyone who entered the competition for their interest and support. The contests serve as healthy competition amongst writers in honor of each competition’s namesake, plus provide funds for publishing Mid-American Review, a non-profit literary endeavor.

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Rona Klein recognized for service learning efforts

Posted by bgsuenglish on April 15, 2011

Senior Lecturer in Literature Rona Klein has been named runner up for the Faculty Excellence Award by the Office of Service Learning for her wide range of outreach projects with the public schools. Congratulations Rona!

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Sheri Wells-Jensen and ENG 5800 students win service learning award

Posted by bgsuenglish on April 13, 2011

Linguistics and ESL professor Dr. Sheri Wells-Jensen and her English 5800: Seminar on Language Preservation & Language Death class have been awarded the Office of Service Learning Group Excellence Award. The individual recipients are Dan Fawcett, Urska Klancnik, Juli McCarroll, Sarah Price and Alexander Reichholf.

After spending the first 2/3 of the semester learning about language death, bilingual dictionary construction, and the necessary linguistics of non-European languages, ENG 5800 took the Oroha documentation project as its topic for the semester. Oroha (spoken on the Solomon Islands) has fewer than 40 native speakers remaining. Via Skype, the class worked with Mr. George Clay, one of the last native speakers of Oroha and helped in editing and expanding the only dictionary of Oroha that currently exists. They worked with the only written records of Oroha folktales and edited some of the only known recordings of the language. Their results are slowly being integrated into the existing grammar sketch which is currently available here.


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