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Prairie Margins hosts a Readathon for Japan disaster relief (Updated!!)

Posted by bgsuenglish on March 22, 2011


Karen Craigo, faculty advisor for Prairie Margins writes to tell us:

I’m proud to say that the Prairie Margins staff collected $620 during yesterday’s readathon for Japanese tsunami relief. It occurred to me that those of you who didn’t get a chance to walk by our readers may feel like donating as well, so I’m accepting donations through Wednesday. Funds will go to ISOH/Impact in Waterville, and if you prefer to donate with a check, you may make it out to “ISOH/Impact.” I think it would be very awesome if we could donate a cool thousand. You may place a check in my box or find me in 426 with money. ISOH/Impact is also collecting blankets and other supplies for tsunami victims. If you’d like to donate a blanket for the cause, I’d be happy to deliver those with our donation next week. I’m placing a box in the mailroom for that purpose — again, through Wednesday. We’re approaching that busy time of year — student papers popping up like tulips — but something about showing our compassion for others makes it all a lot nicer.


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