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Get in the Halloween spirit with Theatre of Blood!

Posted by bgsuenglish on October 28, 2010

In the Halloween spirit, literature professor and Renaissance scholar Dr. Stephannie Gearhart, who is currently teaching Shakespeare (English 3010) and Shakespeare and Film (English 3850), will be showing Douglas Hickox’s Theatre of Blood (1973) this weekend to her students.

Theatre of Blood is structured like a 17th century revenge tragedy, and, as Harry M. Benshoff noted, it is both a horror film and a horror film spoof. In the movie, Edward Lionheart (Vincent Price) plays a Shakespearean actor who feels he has been slighted by his critics. In response, he decides to get revenge on them by murdering each one according to the play he/she criticized. As he slaughters his enemies, Lionheart’s adaptations are both gruesome and creative. (For example, the actor allows Shylock to get his “pound of flesh” when he makes the critic of his rendition of The Merchant of Venice “pay [the debt] instantly with all [his] heart.”) Vincent Price’s performance in this movie is fantastic, and if you like his campy acting style, you’ll love Theatre of Blood.

The film viewing is on Saturday October 30th at 5:30 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. in East Hall 306. Stephannie extends an open invitation to anyone who’d like to attend. Because of limited space in East Hall 306, Stephannie requests that you please send her an email if you plan on attending. She can be reached at .

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