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Centennial Memories Part 3 . . .

Posted by bgsuenglish on June 15, 2010

In honor of the ongoing celebration of the 100th anniversary of BGSU’s incorporation as an educational institution, we’ll continue to post a few of the handful of historical photographs we’ve discovered in the Jerome Library Center for Archival Collections. Unfortunately, most of the photos in their collection are unlabeled, so with the very gracious assistance of Emeritus faculty and former Chair Dr. Lester Barber, we’ve been able to fill in a few gaps, to put faces to the many names who’ve served the Department and wider campus community over the years.

From left to right: Dr. Richard Carpenter (Victorian Literature); Dr. Frank Baldanza (Modern British Literature); Dr. John Gross (American Literature); Dr. Robert Hubach (generalist); Dr. Stanley Coffman (Modern British Literature and Department Chair 1962-68); Dr. Marie Campbell (Medieval Literature); Dr. Fred Eckman (poet and American Literature); Dr. Norbert O’Donnell (Modern Drama); Dr. Paul Parnell (18th Century Literature). This photo was taken in the Department library in University Hall sometime during Stanley Coffman’s term as chair.

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