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English Majors Honored

Posted by bgsuenglish on April 26, 2010

Seven majors in the Department were honored last Tuesday evening (April 20) at the 42nd Annual College of Arts and Sciences Honors and Awards banquet.

Caitlin Griscom, who is a junior in Literature, was awarded the Frank Baldanza Scholarship. Lauren Veith, freshman in Literature, received an English Faculty Scholarship. Randall “RJ” Ingram, sophomore Creative Writing major who is also minoring in Literature, received the Paul D. Emery Book Award; RJ also invited Theresa Williams, Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing and Literature, as his favorite faculty member. Senior Literature major Sarah Worman was the recipient of the English Major Book Award, and Luda Polyakova, junior in Literature, received the Gloria S. Swihart English Award. Luda invited favorite faculty member Dr. Allan Emery to the banquet, and was also honored with the College of Arts & Sciences B.F. Nordmann Award and the Matthew Albert Schaller Memorial Scholarship. Senior Literature major Justin DeJohn received the Lowell P. Leland Book Award and the College of Arts & Sciences Rudolph/Libbe Dean’s Scholarship. Last but not least, Creative Writing major Nathan Floom received the the College of Arts & Sciences Philip Andrew Dollery Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to Caitlin, Lauren, RJ, Sarah, Luda, Justin and Nathan from everyone here in East Hall!


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