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Kathleen Blake Yancey on Eportfolios

Posted by bgsuenglish on February 21, 2010

On February 18, Rhetoric and Writing faculty and students had the honor of meeting with Dr. Kathleen Blake Yancey to discuss her work in the areas of assessment, electronic portfolios, and reflection. Dr. Yancey focused her discussion by asking students to share dissertation topics and general research interests and provided a range of resources to help students develop their expertise.

In this session, as well as in her Friday, February 19 Teaching and Learning Fair keynote, Dr. Yancey stressed the role of the web as a collaborative, knowledge-making space, and the role of eportfolios as a student-centered space for collection, selection, and reflection about learning inside and outside the classroom. Yancey also stressed the importance of eportfolios in establishing a relationship between the curriculum teachers deliver, the curriculum students experience, and finally the curriculum those same students live in their interactions with the larger culture.

Overall, Dr. Yancey’s informal and formal sessions stressed the need to understand that what we do as teachers in terms of technology and assessment impacts what our students do beyond the classroom and that the best eportfolios are ones that students return to throughout their careers. More details about Dr. Yancey’s keynote are available at


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