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Education Abroad Fair

Posted by bgsuenglish on October 14, 2009


Are you interested in studying abroad?

Students who step outside their comfort zone to learn in cities and towns that are filled with unfamiliar peoples, traditions, and languages change in ways unknown to those who choose to stay behind. Those students who move forward build enormous self-confidence and gain the ability to see the complexity of how their own country fits into the world as a whole.

BGSU students will graduate to become the next generation of political leaders, educators, and scientists. In order for our nation to continue to thrive, our future leaders must know how to successfully participate in the globalized world of the present and of the future. The only way to gain this understanding is to communicate with people of other cultures, religions, beliefs and political perspectives, and experience life outside the borders of the United States.

Visit the Education Abroad Fair, Thursday, October 15, from 11:00 am – 2:00pm in Room 228, Bowen-Thompson Student Union for information on study abroad, internships, student teaching, and displays from more than 30 vendors. Lots of info and freebies too!


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