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MAR Online Workshops

Posted by bgsuenglish on September 23, 2009

Join Mid-American Review for a nine-week online workshop (October 5, 2009—December 5, 2009) designed to offer a forum for discussing writing, form a writing community, or as simply a place to inspire and create.

The workshops will be led by MAR’s editorial staff. Feedback will include familiar workshop methods, but will also offer editors’ perspectives on how the work could more effectively find publication and how future projects can benefit from current concerns. Thorough attention from the workshop will be given to each writer, as well as individual attention from the workshop leaders. The workshops are run on a blog/wiki site called Wetpaint, where the workshop leaders post attachments of your poems, stories, and essays, then start discussion threads where the other Workshop members (and only the other Workshop members) can access the stories and respond, blog-style.

For poetry, each Workshop member has a new poem discussed every week, and for the prose genres, each member sees three of their works discussed over the nine weeks, one every three weeks; it is also possible to have pieces discussed, if you’re writing short-shorts. In addition to the workshops, several other discussion threads are initiated, especially concerning tips for publication, everything from nuts and bolts to more complex strategies. Other topics have included MFA programs/applications, what everyone’s reading/recommendations, and writing habits.

Each workshop member also receives a three-year subscription to MAR

The fee for the workshop is $395, payable by check, money order, or credit card. Payment plans are also available. To apply, send a Word attachment of a 20-page writing sample—fiction, nonfiction, or poetry—to editor-in-chief Michael Czyzniejewski at Type “online workshop application” in the subject line, and include a brief note, telling something about yourself, including your goals for a successful workshop. Send any queries to the same address. Each class is capped at nine members and the workshops are filling quickly.

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