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Katie Hoskinson Recieves the Inaugural Thomas L. Wymer Undergraduate Thesis Award

Posted by bgsuenglish on June 9, 2009

In 2007, Dr. Tom Wymer retired after serving the Department for forty years, four of them as Chair. To honor Tom, and to recognize the outstanding scholarship produced by the Literature program’s graduating seniors, current Chair Dr. Kris Blair tasked the Department with creating the Thomas L. Wymer Undergraduate Thesis Award.

We are very pleased to announce that Katie E. Hoskinson (Literature, ’09) is the inaugural recipient of this award for her undergraduate senior thesis, “Not Another Teen Vampire: Edward Cullen’s Appeal to Female Audiences.” Katie’s thesis demonstrated considerable originality of conception, critical sophistication and thorough research. Her reading of the male vampire Edward Cullen in the popular “Twilight” series of novels as a female paranoiac investigated the Gothic novel as a cultural context for the series and also drew on the theories of Janice Radway, Tania Modleski and Gilles Deleuze to provide a clever, insightful analysis of the series as a cultural phenomenon and its appeal for female readers.

Katie will be attending the University of Dayton in the fall to begin graduate study in English. The Department hopes to invite Katie back sometime during fall semester so that Tom can personally present her with a plaque in recognition of her achievement. Congratulations Katie!


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