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Congratulations to our Graduate Students!

Posted by bgsuenglish on April 27, 2009

Throughout the 2008-2009 academic year, our talented graduate students/alumni either have been nominated for or have received top honors for a variety of departmental and campus awards, as indicated below:

Devine Summer Fellowship Awards in Creative Writing (Fiction)
Brandon Jennings
Aimee Pogson

Devine Summer Fellowship Awards in Creative Writing (Poetry)
Angela Gentry
Stokely Klasovsky

Non-Service Ph.D. Fellowships in Rhetoric and Writing
Erin Dietel-McLaughlin
Meredith Graupner
Jeremy Schnieder

Distinguished Thesis Award
Recipient: Kate Lane, Creative Writing
Nominee: Jessica Alexander, Literature

Shanklin Award for Research Excellence
Erin Dietel-McLaughlin, Rhetoric and Writing (first prize)

Katzner Bookstore Award
Ruijie Zhao, Rhetoric and Writing
Jeremy Schnieder, Rhetoric and Writing

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award Nominees
Megan Ayers, Creative Writing
Emily J. Beard, Rhetoric and Writing
Callista Buchen, Creative Writing
Joe Erickson, Rhetoric and Writing
Christine Garbett, Rhetoric and Writing
Eden Leone, Rhetoric and Writing

Arts and Sciences Outstanding Graduate
Tony Doerr, MFA 1999

Please join us in congratulating our outstanding students across programs.


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