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James Purdy Update

Posted by bgsuenglish on March 17, 2009

Professor Emeritus of English, Dr. Beth Casey, passes along an interesting reminiscence about the Bowling Green connections of novelist James Purdy, who passed away recently:

Purdy worked at the tomato factory–soup, I think– and wrote a novel at night while he was here.   I was told he wrote The Nephew here at that time.  (When I arrived in BG, I was  asked what I thought of the town. I responded jokingly –and somewhat sardonically– that I thought of it as a place James Purdy might have written a novel about. When I was told that this had happened, I was, of course, stunned!).  Purdy was very popular in the the ‘sixties as well as the late-‘seventies and early-‘eighties. Natural to think of him and natural to think of someone  writing a rather Gothic novel about a small conservative  midwestern town.


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