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Literary Research Methods Mini Conference “Postmodern Conversations”

Posted by bgsuenglish on December 9, 2008

Graduate students from my Dr. Piya Pal-Lapinski‘s English 601 Research Methods course will be be presenting their research projects in conference format tomorrow night, Wednesday December 10th from 6-9 pm in the East Hall Library Lounge. All are invited to attend and we hope to see you there!

Conference Program

6.00-6.40 pm
Session 1:  Lovely Anomalies and Modernist Women Writers

Ana Grujic: “The Urgency of Fantasizing: Saving Lady Sackville-West”

Kellie Sharp: “The Wolf in Bed: Love and Fear in Nightwood”

6.40-7.20 pm
Session 2: Postmodern Transgressions

Scott Obernesser: “Tyler Durden Tree Hugger? An Ecocritical Reading of Fight Club.”

Clayton Chiarelott: “The Postmodern Carnivalesque: How Fear and Loathing in Las VegasCopes with the Postmodern.”

7.20-7.35 pm: Coffee Break

7.35-8.15 pm
Session 3: Diaries, Secrets and Gender

Heather McIntyre: “Transformed by Grief: Analyzing Gender Constructs in Fair and Tender Ladies”

Kristin Schlenczek: “From Pride and Prejudice to Bridget Jones’ Diary: A step forwards or a step back for young women in  Britain?”

8.15-8.40 pm
Breakout session : Narratives in the Wild: the Evolution of Literary Adaptations

Steven Barrie: “A Hamlet for Every Age: Finding a New Place for Fidelity Criticism In Literary Adaptation Studies”


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