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Sigma Tau Delta Meeting Friday

Posted by bgsuenglish on November 3, 2008

Sigma Tau Delta will be hosting a discussion on authorship this Friday, Nov. 7th, at 5:30 pm in the second-floor English Lounge. In essence, the question we will be addressing, courtesy of Samuel Beckett, is: “What matter who’s speaking?”

Topics may include:
-The literary theories of Barthes, Foucault, and others.
-The authority of the Author (i.e., does it matter what J.K. Rowling says in interviews about her books?).
-The benefits and drawbacks of biography.
-What can be known about the author from his/her works.
-How previous knowledge about an author may influence a reader’s perception of a novel.

And finally, Sigma Tau Delta thanks everyone who attended the Spooky Halloween Reading! Haunting literature and legends were made for night and candlelight.


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