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Congratulations December 2007 and May 2008 Graduates

Posted by bgsuenglish on July 15, 2008

2007 was a bumper year for Department of English majors and minors here at BGSU; 63 students graduated with a degree in one or more of our programs, over twice as many as for 2006. And with 42 students graduating this past May alone, 2008 looks even better.

The Department’s faculty and staff are very proud to recognize the following students who earned a degree in one or more of our undergraduate programs in December 2007 and May 2008.

Bachelor of Arts (English)

Major: Brendan D. Aucoin, Jeff A. Battiste, Edwin J. Beauchamp, Stephanie M. Boyle, Kristen M. Bryson, Ashley A. Cooper, Eric T. Crumrine, Nicholas M. Dever, Meredith Dixon, Betsy K. Eggers, Melissa L. Faybik, Vanessa Garlock, Stephanie R. Gaskill, Alison Gehred, Megan M. Honingford, Anna D. Kauffman, Robbie J. Kowalski, Susan M. Lavalley, Mary E. Leiby, Samantha E. Meyers, Keri M. Ondrus, Erin M. Pluciniczak, Kenneth L. Rogers Jr., Ryan M. Sawyer, Jonathan P. Shiets, Nicholas C. Subtirelu, Christopher E. Taylor, Diana F. Waugh, Kyle A. Whited, Rebekeh K. Wilson.

Minor: Katherine S. Day, Laura E. Doe, Benjamin E. Feeny, Ryan P. Gannon, Courtney L. Phelps, Bradley A. Weaver, Christopher I. Wynn.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Creative Writing)

Major: Adam M. Barber, Jessica E. Behrendeson, Charlotte S. Bohnet, Alexander G. Dausch, Benjamin E. Feeny, Courtney A. Fillion, Ryan P. Gannon, Casey L. Gravelle, Maria K. Hummer, Matthew V. Jurak, James S. Longley, Emily J. McWatters, Ashley N. Murello, Katherine L. O’Hara, Courtney L. Phelps, Elizabeth A. Plotts, Ryan A. Swenar, Christopher I. Wynn, Alexander J. York, Kristen R. Zeiss.

Minor: Stephanie M. Boyle, Kristen M. Bryson, Cynthia F. Kenny, Michael P. Lilley.

Bachelor of Arts (Scientific & Technical Communication)

Major: Andrew N. Flavahan, Quinn L. Haslinger.

MinorCharlotte S. Bohnet, Jonathan P. Shiets.


summa cum laude: Charlotte S. Bohnet, Matthew V. Jurak, Elizabeth A. Plotts, Jeff A. Battiste, Stephanie R. Gaskill, Susan M. Lavalley, Nicholas C. Subtirelu, Kyle A. Whited.

magna cum laude: Ashley A. Cooper, Maria K. Hummer, Cynthia F. Kenny, James S. Longley, Christopher E. Taylor.

cum laude: Stephanie M. Boyle, Melissa L. Faybik, Anna D. Kauffman, Emily J. McWatters, Kathryn A. Tschuor.

Congratulations and happy trails to all of our graduates!


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