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A New Way to Support Mid-American Review

Posted by bgsuenglish on February 15, 2008

A message from Karen Craigo, Editor-in-Chief of Mid-American Review:

I recently stumbled on to something really marvelous on the World Wide Web — namely, a search engine and shopping portal that can actually earn money for charitable causes. The search engine, Good Search, and the shopping portal, Good Shop, provides funding to the registered charity of the user’s choice for each Yahoo-powered web search or for shopping at specified online outlets.

Naturally, I signed Mid-American Review up right away as a potential recipient of funds, but that move wouldn’t make much sense if I didn’t take the extra step of telling our friends and supporters.

Mid-American Review makes a penny per search every time someone who designates us as their favorite charity looks something up on Good Search. The magazine also earns a percentage of the total sale when shoppers make ordinary online purchases through eBay, Amazon, Target, and lots of other retailers. For MAR to benefit, a shopper has to access these retailers through the Good Search site.

If you prefer a different charity, you may want to look it up in the list of donors on the Good Search site. A quick inspection revealed several Bowling Green-area charities, including Dance Marathon, the Wood County Humane Society, some other excellent causes.

Please think of MAR the next time you shop or search. So far we’ve made only a modest 27 cents from my own 27 web searches, but just imagine if all of us designated a favorite charity to receive 1.5 percent of the purchase the next time we bought books at — or 25 percent of eBay’s proceeds on our successful bids there. That could make quite a difference.

Thanks for considering my request, and thanks in advance for your support.

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