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Three Faculty Receive “Authors and Artists” Awards

Posted by bgsuenglish on February 13, 2008

(Belated) congratulations go out to three Rhetoric & Writing Program faculty who were honored for publications during the past twelve months at the 2007 Authors and Artists Reception sponsored by BGSU Friends of the Library last November.

Dr. Kris Blair was acknowledged for three book chapters and articles: “Whose Research Is It, Anyway: The Challenge of Deploying Feminist Methodology in Technological Spaces,” in Digital Writing Research (Hampton Press, 2007); “Technological Labor and Tenure Decisions,” in Writing Technologies and the Shaping of Composition in the Academy (Hampton Press, 2007); and “Older Adults and Community-Based Technological Literacy Programs” in the Community Literacy Journal.

Dr. Rick Gebhardt received an “Authors and Artists” award for “The Importance of Untenured Writing Administrators to Composition and to English Studies,” the lead article in the edited collection Untenured Faculty as Writing Program Administrators: Institutional Practices and Politics, which was published by Parlor Press in the summer of 2007.

Dr. Bruce Edwards was honored for editing C.S. Lewis: Life, Works, and Legacy, a four-volume work published by Greenwood Publishing early in the year.

Congratulations Kris, Bruce, and Rick.


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