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The Scary Lewis Yell-athon

Posted by bgsuenglish on February 7, 2008

Culture Club: The Cultural Studies Scholars’ Association, a graduate student group committed to promoting the study of culture on BGSU campus, will be hosting a brand new film series next Tuesday, February 12 at 7:30 in the Gish Film Theater.

The theme of Culture Club’s 2008 Battleground States Conference is “The Body in Culture,” and this selection of short films will highlight the different and diverse ways the body is mediated, represented, and distorted through film. One of the short films showcased will be The Scary Lewis Yell-athon, a darkly comic satire that parodies telethons that are designed to “help” persons with disabilities, but sometimes fail to do so in any meaningful way.

This event, sponsored by Culture Club and the Department of Theatre and Film, will be of particular interest to anyone interested in disability studies, video art, and performance.

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