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Girls of MySpace

Posted by bgsuenglish on January 29, 2008

Ph.D. candidate in Rhetoric and Composition Jennifer Almjeld will discuss research from “Girls of MySpace: Identity Construction and Resistance through New Media Composition,” the subject of her dissertation, from noon to 1:30pm Wednesday, January 30, in the Women’s Center (108 Hanna Hall) as part of the Women’s Center Brown Bag Lunch series.

Jen’s dissertation project is an historic and theoretical discussion of young women’s identity construction and performance taking place on the social networking site MySpace. The pilot study includes a textual analysis of 25, 16- to 18-year-olds’ MySpace profiles, focusing specifically on the roles MySpace production plays in female adolescence and community building and any codes the new media text may offer for performing femininity and remediating users’ identities through existing media. The project also traces out the evolution of feminine literacy practices including commonplace books, scrapbooks, autograph albums, and note passing, situating MySpace and similar social networking practices within the rhetorical tradition.


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