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“Civil Rights to Social Justice: From Hip-Hop to Jena Six”

Posted by bgsuenglish on January 24, 2008

A celebration and tribute program in honor of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will be held tomorrow morning from 10 am to noon in the Jerome Library Pallister Conference Room. Entitled “Civil Rights to Social Justice: From Hip-Hop to Jena Six,” this University Libraries and The Office of Equity & Diversity-sponsored program will discuss the nation’s movement from civil rights to social justice and review issues and concerns from hip-hop to the recent ‘Jena Six’ controversy.

Ramona Coleman-Bell, American Culture Studies Ph.D. Candidate and Ethnic Studies Instructor will share her experiences as a participant in the Jena Six protests and Dr. Rodney D. Coates, Professor in Sociology and Gerontology from Miami University, Ohio will discuss both hip-hop and the Jena Six issue from a civil rights and social justice perspective. The session will be moderated by Dr. Win Stone, former BGSU Associate Dean, Director of Graduate Admissions, and Associate Professor Emeritus in Ethnic Studies.


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