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The Matthew Albert Schaller Scholarship

Posted by bgsuenglish on January 22, 2008

shelley2.jpgJanelle and James Schaller II, both alumni of Bowling Green State University, established the Matthew Albert Schaller Memorial Scholarship in 2006 to honor the memory of James’ brother Matthew. James currently serves as Magistrate in the Perrysburg Municipal Court in Perrysburg, Ohio and is a founding member of McNamara & Schaller, LLC, a law firm in Toledo. Janelle is currently an attorney for Cooper & Walinski, LPA in Toledo.

Matthew Schaller grew up in Perrysburg, Ohio. He joined the United States Navy in 2000. His service took him to several overseas locations, including Diego Garcia, Sardinia, and Naples, Italy. His service entitled him to recognition as a veteran of the Iraq War, and he received several recognitions for his participation in the War on Terror. In March 2006 Matthew died in Naples in a tragic accident.

Matthew was highly intelligent, and was well versed in history and world cultures and spoke Greek, French, and Italian. He enjoyed traveling throughout Europe and visited Japan, Singapore, Mauritius, France, Turkey, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Italy.

Matthew was an avid reader and enjoyed the works of Romantic English poets. He particularly enjoyed John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Lord Byron. During the last year of his life, Matthew accompanied James and Janelle to several significant Romantic poet sites, including Château de Chillon on Lake Geneva, John Keats’ apartment on the Spanish Steps in Rome, and the graves of Keats and Shelley at the Protestant Cemetery in Rome. Like John Keats, Matthew died in Italy at the age of 26.

Awards Eligibility and Selection Criteria
Successful recipients of the $500 Matthew Albert Schaller Memorial Scholarship will submit a written essay regarding a sonnet, poem, or other work from one of the following authors: Lord Byron, John Keats, or Percy Bysshe Shelley. The essays will be evaluated by the selection committee in the College of Arts and Sciences, with possible input from the donors, and an award will be made based on the written discussions. Grade level, major, or financial need are not considerations for this award.

Unless the College of Arts and Sciences scholarship selection committee determines that another individual is more qualified, the Matthew Albert Schaller Memorial Scholarship may be awarded to a current or prior recipient as long as that recipient submits a new and different discussion of a different sonnet, poem, or other work from Lord Byron, John Keats, or Percy Bysshe Shelley and continues to meet all criteria.

Please submit your written essay to the main office of the College of Arts & Sciences, 205 Administration Building, by February 22, 2008.


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