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ENG 601 Mini-Conference: “Postmodern Conversations”

Posted by bgsuenglish on December 4, 2007

Dr. Piya Lapinski, Associate Professor of Literature, writes:

I’m organizing a mini conference . . . My Eng 601 students have been working on conference papers and will be presenting 12 minute papers in conference format. There will also be coffee and cookies, so I’d be very happy if some of you could drop by to listen to some of the presentations. Thanks, and hope you can make it for a little bit.

Conference Program

6.00-6.45 pm
Session 1: Deconstructing Nationalism

Scott Caddy, “(Mis)Appropriating Text: Adapting Abolition into the film Mansfield Park

Shannon Proehl, “Shakespeare Versus Jonson: Constructions of Nationalism”

Xiaohui Zhang, “A “hole” in Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children

Coffee Break

7.00-7.45 pm
Session 2: From Harry Potter to the Slasher Film: Queering Popular Culture

Emily Hurford , “Fine Line Between: Death and Desire in Ohba and Obata’s Death Note

Christopher Goudos, “’You Can’t kill the Boogieman’: Nostalgia, Terrorism, Femininity, and the Return of the Slasher Film”

Nadine Farghaly, “Thrown out of the closet”: When fans out their favorite character

Coffee Break

Session 3: Gender Trouble

Jason Zeh, “The Technological Play of Gendered Signs on the Body: Ash and Post-Gender Body Modification”

Patrice Whitney, “Virginia Woolf writing masculinity in Mrs. Dalloway

Chun Wang, “A Feminist Psychoanalytical Study of Dorothy Wordsworth’s Dualistic Characters”

Debbie Nicholson, “Alice Munro and the Discourse on Alzheimer’s Disease”

The mini-conference will take place December 5th in the East Hall Library Lounge from 6.00-9.00 pm.

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