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Linguistics Brown Bag Lecture: Meaning, Structure, and Events in the World

Posted by bgsuenglish on November 26, 2007

There’s more to understanding language than grammar: when we read we make connections in our minds that go beyond mere words on a page. The latest Linguistics Brown Bag Lecture will focus on these ideas and more this Friday, November 30. Dr. Mary Hare, Associate Professor in Psychology will discuss “Meaning, Structure, and Events in the World,” a lecture in psycholinguistics exploring meaning- making and the ways we form connections and make predictions as we read based on our knowledge of the world around us.

Dr. Hare explains that what motivates her research is “how humans process language, and in particular, how characteristics of the language processing mechanism might account simultaneously for both regularities and apparent exceptions in language behavior.”

Everyone is welcome and no prior knowledge of linguistics is required. This event is sponsored by the Department of English and The Black Swamp Literary Society and will begin at at 12:30 pm in Room 205, Education Building.


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