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Black Swamp Literary Society Update

Posted by bgsuenglish on September 17, 2007

An update from Melissa Faybik, of the Black Swamp Literary Society Executive Board:

At the first general meeting for BSLS on Monday, September 10, students with majors ranging from Creative Writing to Biology came together to discuss those books that have most influenced our lives. Whether it’s a book such as The Giver that started us thinking about worlds and ideas unlike our own, or a series like The Lord of the Rings that we loved reading over and over again, each of us had a unique perspective and idea to share. We discussed which books most influenced us and why, be it the way they were written, their use of language, or a meaningful storyline; some of us were even inspired to begin our own writing. We also talked about why certain books, such as the Harry Potter series and those by Dan Brown, are able to influence or create controversy for the general public. Our discussion lasted until 10 pm and we left having bonded over the literature we love!


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