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Prairie Margins 2007 Issue Out Now!

Posted by bgsuenglish on May 25, 2007

The 2007 edition of Prairie Margins, BGSU’s national undergraduate literary journal, has just been published. Prairie Margins promotes undergraduate writing nationwide and offers a venue to introduce talented newcomers to a wider reading audience.

Co-Editors-in-Chief Steven Barrie and Ashley Rutter write that “this has been a very exciting year” for the staff of the magazine. “For over thirty years, our mission has always been to create a forum where we could display the best undergraduate writing that we could find. With this being only our third year as a national publication, we know we have done that yet again.”

As usual, we dove into the reading without any expectations regarding theme or content. And while we think each piece of writing works as a unique testimony to its author’s creativity and talent, as a collection, we feel this issue speaks of something common to each of us: the endless search for something more, even if we don’t know what that more could be, and the need to open up parts of ourselves for others, if for no other reason than to be recognized as not just equal, but important in our own way.

To that end, the current issue includes an interview with Nancy Lord, BGSU’s Distinguished Visiting Writer, the winning selections for the Richard Messer Fiction Award, the Howard McCord Poetry Award/Grandma Goda Award, and the Louise C. Cooper Book Award for Outstanding Senior Thesis at BGSU, as well as the usual diverse offerings of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and book reviews.


3 Responses to “Prairie Margins 2007 Issue Out Now!”

  1. Golkid said

    Hi! nice site!

  2. Chase said

    Where would I be able to purchase a copy of the magazine if I’m not a student at BGSU?

  3. Hi Chase, and thanks for your comment. You should contact Karen Craigo in the Creative Writing program. You can reach her at

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