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2007 Shanklin Award Goes to Department Graduate Student

Posted by bgsuenglish on May 2, 2007

Elizabeth Fleitz (MA, Literature), a second-year student in the Rhetoric & Writing PhD Program has received the 2007 Shanklin Award for Excellence in Graduate Research in the Arts and Humanities. Her submission was a paper titled “The Grammar of Abortion: A Pentadic Analysis of Pro-Choice Rhetoric,” which she wrote in Professor Emeritus John Makay’s graduate seminar on Rhetorical Criticism (COMS 601) during the fall semester of 2006.

Elizabeth’s diverse research interests include the body and language, women’s friendships, women and eating disorders, and trauma studies. Conference presentations include recent papers on Art Spiegelman and his artistic response to 9/11 (at the Midwest MLA Conference), and Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman (at the Twentieth-Century Literature Conference).

This is the second consecutive year that the Arts and Humanities Shanklin Award was won by a student in the Rhetoric & Writing PhD Program. Christine Denneker received the Shanklin last May, at the same ceremony at which another R&W PhD Program student, Inez Schaecterle (now an assistant professor at Buena Vista University in Iowa) received the 2006 BGSU Outstanding Dissertaton Award.

In the 2007 competition, BOTH of the finalists for the Shanklin Award for Excellence in Graduate Research were R&W Program students. Angela Zimmann‘s submission was a paper she developed with the help of Dr. Sue Carter Wood in Rhetoric of Written Discourse (ENG 724). Angela also presented the paper, “A Positive Revolt: Pirates in the Pulpit–A Feminist Alternative to Abandoning the Rhetorical Space of the Pulpit In the Christian Church” at the 2007 meeting of the Conference on College Composition and Communication.

No doubt Elizabeth would be glad to show you the framed Shanklin Award certificate that accompanied the award check she received on April 27!


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