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Prairie Margins 2007 Issue Out Now!

Posted by bgsuenglish on May 25, 2007

The 2007 edition of Prairie Margins, BGSU’s national undergraduate literary journal, has just been published. Prairie Margins promotes undergraduate writing nationwide and offers a venue to introduce talented newcomers to a wider reading audience.

Co-Editors-in-Chief Steven Barrie and Ashley Rutter write that “this has been a very exciting year” for the staff of the magazine. “For over thirty years, our mission has always been to create a forum where we could display the best undergraduate writing that we could find. With this being only our third year as a national publication, we know we have done that yet again.”

As usual, we dove into the reading without any expectations regarding theme or content. And while we think each piece of writing works as a unique testimony to its author’s creativity and talent, as a collection, we feel this issue speaks of something common to each of us: the endless search for something more, even if we don’t know what that more could be, and the need to open up parts of ourselves for others, if for no other reason than to be recognized as not just equal, but important in our own way.

To that end, the current issue includes an interview with Nancy Lord, BGSU’s Distinguished Visiting Writer, the winning selections for the Richard Messer Fiction Award, the Howard McCord Poetry Award/Grandma Goda Award, and the Louise C. Cooper Book Award for Outstanding Senior Thesis at BGSU, as well as the usual diverse offerings of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and book reviews.


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Balancing Theory With Practice: Thirty Years After

Posted by bgsuenglish on May 2, 2007

At the 2007 Conference on College Composition and Communication meeting in New York City, a 1977 article by Rick Gebhardt was featured in a session by several leaders in writing- teacher education, an evolving field involving people in rhetoric and composition and in English education. The Thursday afternoon program session called “Writing Teacher Education: Thirty Years After ‘Balancing Theory With Practice in the Training of Writing Teachers'” had been planned by leaders of the CCCC Special Interest Group on English Education/Composition Connections to acknowledge the impact of Rick’s Braddock Award winning article on the preparation of writing teachers, whether for college classrooms or the schools.

For instance, Elizabeth Brockman of Central Michigan University and Mark Letcher of the University of Oklahoma emphasized how “Balancing” had drawn no distinction between pre-service school teachers and graduate teaching assistants, as they reported on research on students who crossed the borders of English education and composition. Jonathan Bush of Western Michigan University recounted how his accidental discovery of the article in 1996 left him “with a new mission and a new understanding of [his] place in composition studies, English education, and the connections between the two.” And he spoke of “Balancing” as “an opening text” that “helped launch the community of writing teacher educators that exists today.”

Rick served as Respondent at the end of the session, something, he says, that was very gratifying and quite weird-feeling, too.

When I started drafting an article based on a course for prospective writing teachers at Findlay College in 1975 I never imagined that it might be remembered, let alone still used, in the next century. Instead, I was wondering if I would ever finish the thing and, if I did, whether Edward P.J. Corbett might publish it in CCC. So it is gratifying to read the title of this session . . . and listen to the presentations and to sense that the article is still useful for people who are teaching writing teachers and working to shape the field of writing teacher education.

In part, Rick’s comments emphasize how much the field–and research and approaches writing teachers can draw on–has changed over the three decades since publication of “Balancing Theory With Practice in the Training of Writing” [College Composition and Communication, May 1977].

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2007 Shanklin Award Goes to Department Graduate Student

Posted by bgsuenglish on May 2, 2007

Elizabeth Fleitz (MA, Literature), a second-year student in the Rhetoric & Writing PhD Program has received the 2007 Shanklin Award for Excellence in Graduate Research in the Arts and Humanities. Her submission was a paper titled “The Grammar of Abortion: A Pentadic Analysis of Pro-Choice Rhetoric,” which she wrote in Professor Emeritus John Makay’s graduate seminar on Rhetorical Criticism (COMS 601) during the fall semester of 2006.

Elizabeth’s diverse research interests include the body and language, women’s friendships, women and eating disorders, and trauma studies. Conference presentations include recent papers on Art Spiegelman and his artistic response to 9/11 (at the Midwest MLA Conference), and Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman (at the Twentieth-Century Literature Conference).

This is the second consecutive year that the Arts and Humanities Shanklin Award was won by a student in the Rhetoric & Writing PhD Program. Christine Denneker received the Shanklin last May, at the same ceremony at which another R&W PhD Program student, Inez Schaecterle (now an assistant professor at Buena Vista University in Iowa) received the 2006 BGSU Outstanding Dissertaton Award.

In the 2007 competition, BOTH of the finalists for the Shanklin Award for Excellence in Graduate Research were R&W Program students. Angela Zimmann‘s submission was a paper she developed with the help of Dr. Sue Carter Wood in Rhetoric of Written Discourse (ENG 724). Angela also presented the paper, “A Positive Revolt: Pirates in the Pulpit–A Feminist Alternative to Abandoning the Rhetorical Space of the Pulpit In the Christian Church” at the 2007 meeting of the Conference on College Composition and Communication.

No doubt Elizabeth would be glad to show you the framed Shanklin Award certificate that accompanied the award check she received on April 27!

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Cradle of the Mind

Posted by bgsuenglish on May 2, 2007

INTERZONE, Britain’s longest running SF magazine and its largest market, has accepted Creative Writing MFA candidate Tristan Palmgren‘s short story, “Cradle of the Mind,” for publication.

Along with new writers, INTERZONE has published work by Brian Aldiss, J.G. Ballard, Thomas M. Disch, and William Gibson among others. Congratulations Tristan!

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An Examined Life

Posted by bgsuenglish on May 1, 2007

Dr. Bruce Edwards is the General Editor of C. S. Lewis: Life, Works, and Legacy, a four-volume work just published by Greenwood Publishing Group. The hope of this 1400-page project, Bruce says, is to provide the definitive research tool on Lewis for the next generation of scholars interested in the life and work of a prolific author of poetry, literary criticism, memoir, fantasy, autobiography, and letters.

The different emphases of the four volumes are suggested by their titles: An Examined Life; Fantasist, Mythmaker, and Poet; Apologist, Philosopher and Theologian; and Scholar, Teacher, and Public Intellectual. In those four volumes, according to the publisher’s website, “experts in the field of Lewis studies examine all his works along with the details of his life and the culture in which he lived to give readers the fullest complete picture of the man, the writer, and the husband, alongside his works, his legacy, and his place in English letters.”

Bruce, one of the two founders of Bowling Green’s rhetoric and composition doctoral program in 1980, is now professor of English and Associate Dean for Distance and International Education at BGSU. His works include The C. S. Lewis Reader’s Encyclopedia; The Taste of the Pineapple: Essays on C. S. Lewis as Critic, Reader, and Imaginative Writer; Not a Tame Lion: The Spiritual World of Narnia, and; Further Up, and Further In: Understanding C. S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

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Super 8

Posted by bgsuenglish on May 1, 2007

Creative Writing MFA student Jennifer Bryan’s short story, “Super 8” (which appears in her thesis) has just been accepted for publication by Flyaway: A Literary Review, Iowa State University’s literary magazine. Congrats, Jennifer!

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Associated Writing Programs Intro Award Winner

Posted by bgsuenglish on May 1, 2007

The Creative Writing Program is pleased to announce that Beth Kaufka’s short story, “The Subject of Their Absence,” is winner of an Associated Writing Programs Intro Award and will be published in the Colorado Review. Congratulations, Beth!

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Technology Innovator Award

Posted by bgsuenglish on May 1, 2007

Department Chair Dr. Kristine Blair is the 2007 recipient of the Technology Innovator Award, an award given by the leading professional organization in the field of computers and composition. She will receive the award in May in Detroit at the Computers and Writing 2007 Conference. Please join us in congratulating Kris on this recognition of her scholarly work, creativity, and accomplishments.

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