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Writing Is a Strange Adventure

Posted by bgsuenglish on April 19, 2007

Lecturer Theresa Williams writes: “This semester, I made a movie about the creative life, starring my Imaginative Writing Students at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. The original movie is just over 50 minutes long. I am uploading small clips of the movie to so that my students can access the clips.

This is part one of several clips I plan to upload. These clips are also for anyone interested in the creative life and in exploring the imagination as a concept. The purpose of the original movie was to show the students that the writing life is exciting, frightening, frustrating, joyful, and always full of adventure. To their great credit, the students allowed themselves to be vulnerable on film, something that wasn’t easy for them. I hope they will transfer that willingness to feel vulnerable to their future writing projects.

Let it be said that my students have all of my admiration, respect, and love. These video clips are our poem to the creative life. “


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